Opal Engagement Rings – Is an Opal Ring Perfect For You?

Opal jewelry is some of the most exotic and eye catching jewelry you can wear. Opals flash with the colors of the rainbow trapped within a silica gemstone. The most valuable black opals appear as angry storm clouds passing behind a rain washed rainbow. No two opals are the same. The color play of each is totally unique. They are beautiful, porous, fragile, highly prized and steeped in myth and legend. They make stunning engagement rings. But is an opal engagement ring right for you?

After all, opals are unlucky unless they are your birthstone, right?

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Diamond Pricing – Are Diamonds A Good Value In Today’s Market?

If your diamond was purchased in 1970, and it was a D color, and flawless, and weighed 1.00 carat, you probably paid around $3500.00 for it. If you purchased that same diamond in 1980, you would have paid $63,000.00 for it. The same diamond, if purchased today (2007) would be around $23,000.00. These prices are based on the purchase being made in a retail jewelry store and not from the internet.

Looking at the above prices, you can see that there has been a steady increase in prices since 1970 with the exception of 1980. From $3500.00 to $23,000.00 is about a 650% increase. This is about the same increase as gas prices for the same period in the US.

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Start Collecting – Vintage Kramer Costume Jewelry

Perhaps less well known than the more abundant Coro, Trifari or Napier costume jewelry, Kramer costume jewelry often used rare or unique stones in their jewelry. First, a brief history: Between 1943 and 1980, Kramer Jewelry Creations was a family run business that produced some of the finest high-end costume jewelry. In the 1950s and ’60s, Kramer manufactured Christian Dior designs, so finding a piece of Christian Dior by Kramer is a rare but rewarding treat. The Dior pieces often used good quality clear rhinestones with larger blue or green center stones. Christian Dior designs can command higher prices due to the Dior name, but the Kramer quality and designs are just as wonderful as those without the name.

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Most Popular Types of Diamond Engagement Rings

The age-old saying that the diamond is a girl’s best friend stands true even in the modern era. With so many choices and new trends emerging every day, diamond still remains special for every woman. With this being said what could be a better gift than diamond engagement rings on the day she is going to commit her entire life to her man.

Engagements are considered to be incomplete without the exchange of rings by the bride and groom-to-be. They are considered to be a symbol that binds these two different individuals into one bond.

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Bioplast Body Jewelry – What is Bioplast Body Jewelry and Why is it So Popular?

For a great way to express your individual style, sleek and sexy body jewelry fits the bill, but what kind should you buy? Just like traditional jewelry, these pieces are crafted from many different materials. Let’s take a closer look at bioplast body jewelry and find out why it’s so popular…

The Many Varieties Of Body Jewelry

Just like traditional styles, body piercing jewelry is crafted from all sorts of different metals and elements. From a pricing standpoint, you can buy pieces for several hundred dollars all the way down to 99 cents. The difference, of course, is the quality of craftsmanship and the material used to create the piece.

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Simulated Diamonds vs. Fake Diamonds

Believe it or not, there is a big difference between simulated diamonds and fake diamonds. When you think of a fake diamond, you may think of one that is being presented as genuine when it is actually anything but the real thing. A simulated diamond is one that is designed specifically to imitate the appearance, characteristics and conditions of a natural gemstone and is clearly defined as such. It’s important to note, however, that simulated diamonds are not genuine diamonds. Today, the world’s most popular simulate diamonds are known as cubic zirconia. Retailers who offer this popular manmade diamond replica are enjoying its rising popularity in a ‘shining’ fashion.

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Polished Titanium Rings Stays Shiny Longer

You want a ring that shines, right? Polished titanium rings have that gloss, that shine, that high reflection that you are looking for. But will it last? Or will you need to take drastic steps to ensure that your ring remains as highly polished as the day you first slipped it on your finger? Fear not – the polished look on your ring should last you a very long time. But titanium is far from the only high-shine metal. So why would you select a shiny titanium ring over any other metal choice?

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The Pros And Cons of Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

There are lots of different types of jewelry clasp available to buy if you are making your own jewelry. The type of clasp which you buy will often depend upon what sort of jewelry you are making, and who is the target audience of your item of jewelry. Although everyone has their own personal favorite type of clasp, everyone should be open to considering the use of other types of jewelry clasp in their work. The article below will discuss the pros and cons of magnetic jewelry clasps. Magnetic clasps utilize medium strength magnets to hold the two ends of a piece of jewelry together. The ends can then be separated by pulling the magnets apart.

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Diamond Cuts – What Are Table Diamonds?

When choosing diamond jewelry, one of the most important aspects to consider is the quality of cut of the gemstone. This, even more than the color and the clarity of the diamond, determines the amount of sparkle coming from the gem. A well cut diamond will have well proportioned and well angled facets which precisely reflect and refract the light whilst preventing any from prematurely escaping through the back of the gemstone.

In a finished diamond, the widest part of the diamond is called the girdle. The section below is known as the pavilion and the section above the girdle is called the crown. A diamond is held in a setting by its girdle, so the crown is that part of the gemstone which is easily visible in the ring. The very top of the crown is the table.

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A Brief History of Promise Rings

Promise or pre-engagement rings may seem like an invention of the modern jewelry biz. In fact, they have been around since the 16th century, when they would be exchanged by couples too young or poor to wed. Read on to find out more about this fascinating and ever-changing romantic tradition.

While rings had always been used to signify commitment – there are Biblical references to the religious rings of the devout, it was in the 15th and 16th century that sweethearts began exchanging rings to communicate and solidify their love.

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